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Teak is the ideal decking surface for boats and yachts. The excellent wear and durability combines with it's aesthetic appeal to provide a fantsastic looking non-slip surface. The Boatcraft team are craftsmen in the art of laying teak decking, but we also supply prefabricated teak panels for boat owners to self-fit.

Durable as it is, there will come a time in your yacht's life when the teak needs replaced. We can bring your yacht into our covered hardstanding to handle this work. If you need a small portion of the teak replaced, we can come to take the patterns of the appropriate area of deck or cockpit, then manufacture the panels in our fully equipped workshop.

There are a wealth of resources on the internet about fitting teak decks, so many of our customers will use Boatcraft to fabricate a custom teak panel which they can then fit themselves.

For advice on a teak decking job, contact Boatcraft on 01294 603 047 and we'll be happy to help.

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